Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I find the terms of Service for your services?

We do have Terms of Services which do apply to our complete range of services which may or may not includes the following; mobile applications, cloud and web applications, games (mobile, console & computer), media solutions such as video advertisement

Do you offer services to Children of age below 18 ?

We only offer special services to children like learning or educational services for children of age below 18. Those special services doesn’t include advertisement from third-party services like google or facebook ads services. We only advertise our own services in such services (cross services promotion)

How can we contact you?

Our Contact Us page options contain all of the available options through which you can reach us. We do believe that as much options we do provide you to reach us & the more we will be open to our clients, the more we will improve our services to enhance User Experience

Where is your office located?

Our office is located at P28, Paradise Floor, Siddiq Trade Center, Main Gulberg, Lahore. Our Contact Us also have the embed map for easy approach.

Legal Questions

What is legal name and legal status of your company?

Our company is registered with the legal name of Nitroxis (SMC-PVT) Limited” with the Government of Pakistan, incorporated under the Companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017), w.r.o. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (

Whom to contact in case of any legal query or Interaction?

You can contact at, in case of any legal query or interaction required with Nitroxis. You may also right us to P28, Paradise Floor, Siddiq Trade Center, Main Gulberg, Lahore ATTN: Legal Department, Nitroxis

Is your trademark "Nitroxis" registered?

Yes. We do have trademark named, “Nitroxis” registered with Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO,