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Life and Policies at Nitroxis

Employee Friendly

Although our normals working hours are from 8am to 4pm but we totally understand that normal working hour isn’t always a great fit with real life. At Nitroxis, we solely focus on tasks rather than your time schedule. At Nitroxis, we all enjoy a more flexible working style and flexible working hours. Create a schedule that works with your life or work remotely (not possible for every position but we can manage) when you can’t be in the office.

Social Friendly

We welcome families and provide support for our employees’ family lives. In addition to allowing flexible work hours, we support for spouses, parents, and soon-to-be parents with relocation services to help with the bureaucracy that comes with changing locations, by organizing fun events for families with children, and more.

Career Boost and Growth

We want Nitroxis to be the perfect place to grow and flourish so we provide every opportunity for personal development and growth. We pride ourselves on providing ample opportunities for career progression, and we are constantly finding new ways to learn from experts and also from each other

Infinite Knowledge

We believe at Nitroxis that knowledge should not be limited by any factor, therefore, at Nitroxis we make sure that every employee at Nitroxis is able to regain and enhance their Knowledge and Skills by every possible mean. We also introduce Vocational or Seasonal Skill courses at Nitroxis. Because we believe that when our employees get educated more, Nitroxis more tends to be a bigger company


We’re all one team at Nitroxis, working together towards the same goals. With our annual bonus scheme, every employee shares a part of our success when we reach those goals. We also recognize those who embody what Nitroxis is all about, making sure Nitroxis fellows who go the extra mile are handsomely rewarded for inspiring us. We conduct annual and 5-years internal survey based solely on their performance and dedication towards the company to promote ranks of our employees.

Open Atmosphere

Bringing together people from different backgrounds makes us stronger. Our goal is to make every employee feel welcome, whatever their personal circumstances. We value an open, diverse, and passionate workplace where everyone can be themselves, thrive, and do the best work of their careers

Rank-less System

We know that ranking is something that gives the competition for our employees to struggle towards their goals and help to promote linkage between job performance and bonus payouts but we strongly disagree with the Ranking System being applied at Nitroxis. The Reason behind this is that it completely causes morale problems amongst the employees (e.g. an Employee at Nitroxis thinks that he is disregarded or not getting bonus because his supervisor is not socially okay with him outside of the office). Instead of ranking, we have age benefits and we offer bonuses and benefits according to the time they have spent with us

Hierarchy-less System

As mentioned in the given example above when there is not any rank we don’t have much deeper hierarchy but we do have distributed our corporation in micro departments. We have departments which keep in sync with other departments in company to enhance productivity, Leaders for every individual departments and then every individual Leader is assigned a team or work-force to perform their department’s tasks

nitroxis hierarchy

Open-Door Policies

We hate closed-door policies where one have to struggle to just get to their supervisor. At Nitroxis, we have strong openness policy so everybody should welcome their team fellows. Because we believe that when you are working in such environment where the whole team keep themselves in sync without any sort of boundaries, it helps our team to grow at enormous rate. This is the only reason we don’t have cabins in our office for the work-force team (other than Client Meeting Room, Conference Room & Managerial/Marketing Staff Room – you know they need consolidation from the work environment *wink)